March 08, 2010

Seattle, Washington
How I spent my South African Vacation

Thanks to Melissa for the camerawork, keeping time, and providing giggles when appropriate.

If this embed is spilling into the right margin, my apologies for the mess. My site layout has not caught up with the dimensions of the HD revolution. I am working to address the problem.

May 04, 2007

Johannesburg, South Africa
But Am I Kosher?

Woke up to my last day in Africa.

South Africa. Where Nelson Mandela's Yoda-like visage is literally sewn into the furniture.


Melissa left two days ago. I was supposed to leave too, but had a change of plans when the Today Show asked if I'd stick around and meet up with them. For those confused by my map, that's why it says I'm back in Seattle right now. Never got a chance to update it.

I did the show a few hours ago. It seemed to go well. I can't provide an embedded video on this page, but for the moment at least, you should be able to watch the segment at this link.

I've done this sort of thing a few times now. It's very exciting. But I've gotta say, it carries with it the unpleasant sensation of being ground into sausage.

By its nature, television has a tendency to simplify; to trivialize. They have to package everything, no matter what it is, into a discreet, digestible segment. And when they're through, they're through. You no longer exist. It's on to the next thing.

I don't want to sound like I take myself too seriously. I don't. For heaven's sake, I dance badly for a living. And expressing this sentiment is a risky thing. If I were reading this instead of writing it, I'd probably be thinking, "Cry me a river, buddy. You got to go on the TeeVee!"

But trust me. Once it's over, you feel like sausage.

I'm not picking on the Today Show. They seem like decent folks and I liked how the piece turned out. It's just the process.

Anyway, I'm now in the midst of the similarly sausage-like process of flying across the planet. One flight down. Three more to go. I've got a bunch of posts going up soon from the last few weeks. Just gotta get home and sort myself out a bit.

May 03, 2007

Cape Town, South Africa
Today, Tomorrow

I've been invited on the Today Show tomorrow. Barring any number of mishaps which may still occur, I should be on around 8:45am.

If it were a few months ago, I'd be able to put a handy YouTube link up shortly after it airs. But we're back in the television dark ages now, so if you want to see it you'll probably just have to tune in.

It's sure to be riveting.