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July 21, 2010

Tel Aviv, Israel

When the Israeli immigration officer opened my passport and saw stamps from Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq, she looked at me like I'd pooped in it.


given your post about what you saw in Lebanon (i.e. Hizbollah museum), are you surprised?

Also, I wonder how all those Arab countries would have looked at your passport had you gone to Israel first and all those countries afterwards. Most likely, they wouldn't have let you in. Just food for thought.

It's sad that you chose not to say anything nice about your experience in Tel Aviv, which I'm sure wasn't all bad...

Too bad they let a piece of shit like you enter a decent country like Israel without a full cavity search. I'm sure they would have found enough drugs in you to warrant a 20 year prison sentence eating camel dung and drinking arab semen for breakfast lunch and dinner.

And I would like to add, that some people are just not nice, and should learn how to express their thoughts like adults... the comment above...

its their job (border police) to look for anything suspicious. what can you do, Arabs don't like us we have to protect our self.

To all the previous commenter.
Lighten off.
its only a blog.

Matt, as a traveler and a bad dancer I love what you're doing.

You are always welcome back in Israel.


Cheers Ron!

I thought your comment was funny - painfully true, but funny all the same.

Keep dancing!

Wow, some folks need to lighten up >.<

Great fun though. Good luck on your future travels.

With all the propoganda being pumped from both sides, I'm surprised anyone intelligent has anything definitive to say on these countries.

I think it's pretty much a given that the Israeli government is inherently corrupt, but then again, every country's government is inherently corrupt.
The US of A's land was worked on by African slaves that was bureaucratically stolen from Native Americans. Just saying.
Perhaps Israel will be a gentler, kinder state sometime in the future. However, young Palestinian men blowing up Israeli schoolbusses is definitely not letting the Israeli government see the error of their ways.

But anyways, yeah, just lighten up. It's a beautiful, storied region of the world filled with a lot of intelligent, kind people. On both sides.


Hi, Matt!
I'm happy that you got the chance of being in such interesting places - it's an opportunity many of us don't have.

I feel very sad to notice that people still argue about who is right in the whole Israel and Palestine deal. Each one of the parties will always find a reason to back up their actions, no matter what.

I agree with Grimmer when he says there are intelligent and kind people on both sides. Western society has to understand that terrorism happens from both sides, that atrocities happen on both sides and that people on both the sides want to have normal lives.

I find it really sad to notice that this war, which I believe still goes on for political reasons (not religious), is making people hate each other. "Arabs" shouldn't hate jews, but maybe hate the fact that jews invaded a land where their muslim brothers and sisters were living in. Jews shouldn't hate "Arabs"; they hate what the TV taught them to hate, without even knowing what real muslims think and do.

I'm happy, Matt, that you managed to go see it for yourself things we cannot see.


Whoa, some of the comments in this thread are exactly why we need a guy like Matt dancing around the globe for no reason in particular.

Ummm first off:
Matt- I give you props for going to Israel. it is a wonderful country full of extraordinary places and people.

That said, I would like to say that the above comments are ignorant, and dare I say it- idiotic. There aren't "sides" to the conflict. It is a tough situation, seeing as the poor Palestinians are unwanted from Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt (aren't they supposed to be Muslim brothers?!?!) and so they live in the cramped quarters of Gaza where they are oppressed by the terrorist organization Hamas that takes any aid designated for civilians and instead uses it for weapons to attack Israeli civilians.

The conflict is complicated.
But Israel, as always, has a right to exist. Jews have been governing and living in the land of Israel for over 2,000 years. They purchased the land, so they have legal rights. They have just as many rights as any other country (if not moreso)

There can only be negotiations (that will just lead to more violence on Israeli's) when Abbas recognizes the right of Israel to exist!

The situation is sad, but your comment was hilarious. I have to say that the worst thing of all is prejudice. There are many good people from any country.

So because of some stories in a 2000 year old book thats full of plot holes and self contradictions not to speak of all the bloodshed, killing and incest, the jews are entitled to the land? People have been living there for the past 2000 years and the Israelis have taken it away from them.

okay.. leslie you have proved that you are ignorant..BE FAIR!!..

hamas are defending the people...the government of eygpt and jordan are corrupt they are controlled by the isreal...

the entire media backs isreal they make hamas look like they are terrorists...

cause they are the only ones defending the people...isreal just wants to attack attack attack ATTACK ATTACK...tell there isnt any palestinian left...

and i hate it when they talk about that they're afraid for their saftey.


and about the donations sent to palistine ...isrealis take them NOT hammas..havent you seen what isreal did a few months ago they attacked the ship of supplies headed for palistine and it didnt get inside their land it was OUTSIDE !!

you know they attack hosptials, schools

their monsters THE GOVENMENT ..NOT the PPL.

as for what you were saying about the right for the jews to have country...jewish rabais have said in the torah it states that jews should not have a country till the day of judgement..
BUT the zionists and the masons want a country and their argument is "hey its for the jews"...

thats where the american government comes IN...i repeat am talking about the government NOT the ppl...america makes everything easier for the isreali government...

and soon you'll see america will NO longer be the leading country of the world..
isreal will BE...isreal is the REAL america.

and i know this is irrelevent...
but the whole iran VS america thing is a LIE...
let me go back a while to explain..
saddam was the only ONE defending the arabian gulf from an iranian invasion..
NOW saddam is gone...by the help of america...saddam is gone iran has clear way to in ... if you havent seen the news lately iran is making threats against saudiarabia and their attacking the borders of iraq and they have taken an island in the united arab emirates...

america has millitry bases in the arabian gulf soo america pretends to attack iran cause of their nukes so when they attack from the gulf countrys iran will attack us(kuwait,saudiarabia,bahrain,oman,united arab emirates,qatar)..but their main gole is SAUDIARABIA...their clearing the path for isreal...cause isreal wants to rule from the neil to the yufrates river...
soo in time that whole area will be theirs.. i just wonder what the stories that they'll tell the ppl,the reasons they'll give to attack them..

i dont know what irans interest in all of this...

and all the muslim countries are sitting defencless..waiting for their turn to fall.

"aren't they Muslim brothers"
that's what you said right?

Yes we are...we always were and always will be.

But the leaders of those countries are isreali slaves..they corrupted.
They are the ones giving isreal gas... They sold their brotherhood.
Even the palistinian government is corrupted even some palistinians say that hammas is working for isreal...some say they're the people only protection...

> When the Israeli immigration officer opened my passport and saw stamps from Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq, she looked at me like I'd pooped in it.

I would have had a similar reaction had you shown me a passport with stamps from Alpha Centauri and Tau Ceti.

Because, things being as they are, her chances of visiting the countries you mentioned are about the same.

I hope you enjoyed your visit regardless.


Some people will even take advantage of a bad dancer to share their pain.

Thanks for dancing all around, Matt - makes me feel good to see all the videos. I'm looking forward to this next one, which, perhaps, will badly dance across the Middle East.

Hope you enjoy this trip, it would be a dream for to visit Israel :)

hahhahaha i would love to see your face when it happened.
Guess people can't understand that this isn't a to discuss politics.
I hope you visit many more beautiful places wherever it is.

Just come to Brazil one more time PLEASE!!

The Truth about PALESTINE:::

Norman Finkelstein - Israel and Palestine:

"Israel Lobby" authors Steven Walt and John Mearsheimer:

Thom Hartmann's Hypocrisy for Israel Part 2:

I am a Jew, I am not a Zionist:

IF you had gone to Israel first you would not have been allowed entry into any of the other countries when border officers saw the Israeli stamp in your passport. So sad so unnecessary so infantile. If only governments would "be like Matt".

I know how it feels... However try to get to Lebanon or Syria with the israeli stamp on your passport and you will experience it better.

I see prejudice prejudice prejudice...

I personally am not allowed to even set foot in Israel because I am Lebanese.

I am not going to go into the whole Palestine-Israel or Israel-Lebanon conflict but I am convinced all parties are to blame... there is never one culprit
and in the end we are all humans, equals in humanity..

but unfortunately, there IS propaganda on both sides. BOTH sides have done horrible things and this is one of them:

"A picture equals a thousand words" and the most shocking picture I have ever seen is one of Israeli children signing Israeli bombs with messages such as: "to the children of Lebanon". I find it completely barbaric to even consider letting children do that, no matter what the situation.. like Matt said in a previous post "I need a shower"..


Hey Matt, think your way is the only way to life and it's pretty cool with the project what you’re planning ... Come back to Israel!

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