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July 24, 2010

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Matt of Arabia.



Matt, After reading your journals, I've come to the inevitable conclusion that you are a poor ignorant lard asshole who thinks is being clever and witty, but in fact you are displaying that you are a fucked up doped up jerk-off UGLY AMERICAN. I pray for the day some al-Qaeda warrior slices your fathead off and you end up in some African flea market as a mummified beef jerky for hyenas.

I, on the other hand, have come to the conclusion that you are the kind of person the world needs most at the moment. The kind that brings people closer and together. That shows that our differences arent meant to separate us, but to show that are other (and good) ways to live life.

I pray for the day that no one thinks less of another. And certainly you, Matt, is bringing this day closer

I agree with Bruno... Matt seems like a really cool guy, and I like that he brings the world closer together. You're just being a douche, Manolo.

You have balls Matt! I agree that you bring people closer together Matt. In the end, people from any country are just that...people. Manolo is just one of those many "bad apples" who is part of the problem.

I would be more interested in knowing more about how Manolo came to the conclusion that Matt is fucked up doped up jerk-off UGLY? :)

Manolo, You spoke truly of yourself…full of hate and yet the God of the Universe loves you. Life is so short to be filled with hate and jealousy. I would die for you just so that you could have once ounce of the glimmer of the love of God.Yes, I would sacrifice myself for you to know such beautify. The sacrifice would save many people from such barbaric hate. Allah Ahkbar

"Sweet songs of youth, the wise, the meeting of all wisdom. To believe in the good in man."

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