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July 23, 2010

Gaza City, Gaza

Of the 1.6 million people in the Gaza Strip at this moment, I'm pretty sure I'm the only tourist. Fell asleep listening to kids playing in the ocean and ladies smoking sheesha pipes in the downstairs restaurant as Israeli patrol boats zipped by on the horizon. It takes more than a day to understand this place.



It's really a shame you didn't go to dance with them on happier days, like on Sep 11, when they were dancing in the streets.
But maybe they only showed that on the
"hateful, fear-mongering, ignorance-spewing" Fox news...

am from saudi arabia...i agree they should not have been dancing on sep11

but keep in mind that most of the weapons the isrealies use are given to them by america and used to slaughter innocent women and children...you know they take the handicaped children and torture them
do you know many isareali soldiers kill entire families infront of their son and let him be so when he goes and blows him self up they call him a terrorist .. the american media calls him a terrorist.. thats what isreal want they kill people then they wait for the REACTION then they say "OH WE STOPPED THEN THEY ATACKED US".

The the us government backs them up fully knowing what the isreali government plans
DO YOU KNOW that the isrealies after their atacks go to the streets and take away the little girls they find??
and make them work as WHORES


and ALL of that is because of AMERICAN GOVERNMENT...

a friend of mine once told me ( he's from palestine but lives in saudi arabia now)

isreali soldiers came to his family's house( they live in a farm ) the soldiers to GET OUT his father said "where would i go this is my home" THEY BEAT HIM TO DEATH

ADD to that they use illegal weapons and say we do this for our security they ignore whatever the UN says and the

and when the people defend them selves they're called terrorist and the US helps isreal to stop them..


Then when US government atacks it self(9/11)....HOW DO YOU EXPECTS THEM NOT TO DANCE yes there are inncont people that have died no one should dance for that but
if i put myself in their shoesi probably would.

I love america and isreal THE PEOPLE..NOT the governmant cause the people are good everywhere politicans miss it UP

THATS why i love matt he puts the diffrences a side

I rest my case.

UMMM Ahmad- what the heck?

Your comment doesn't make sense.
If the Israeli army is evacuating a family, they are doing it for a damn good reason.

Did you know that during Operation Cast Lead, the IDF sent fliers and made phone calls warning Palestinian people of their operation to take out the Hamas terrorists?

Israel cares more about the Palestinian people then their own leaders do, for goodness sake! Hamas used poor Palestinian men, women, and children as human shields.

Dear Leslie,
Here is an update on Israeli authorities practices: http://www.counterpunch.org/halper08162010.html
Enjoy your reading!


What you are saying is absolutely wrong...
Hamas are fighting BACK

every action has a reaction... People are being murdered every day in palistine.. In cold blood... And you probably believe the crap they tell you on the news... What your saying is insulting.

How can you say that...??

And to be honest... Even some news channels addmited the truth and stood up said Israil has to STOP..

Every human rights place went crazy trying to make israil stop their maddnes... Hell!! They even attacked the UN ... More than once!!

You wanna know israil plans.. And admire them.. They are soo smart.

Hamas would never attack israil.. NEVER... Israel has power.. Millitary power.. Nuclear wepons no one would attack them... The have a nuke pointed at every Arabian capitals no one would dare to stand in their way... So their only way to attack is ... To attack themselves ( crazy as that sounds ) and probably with that tiny attack one or two are enjured..
They say HEY THAT WAS HAMAS... And they attack like ( no there is no exaple I could say to discribe what they're doing) . There attack are s billion times worst than the holucost... And the funny thing is that you might not believe what am saying and that proves that their plans are working...

You know that from day to day they launch a missile or two ... Just like that for NO reason...

Am sorry I drifted away from what you were saying.. But that's what every Arab would do.. There is soo much unfairness going on that we get mad quickly and say everything in our heart out even if it not near the main subject... Soo .. Sorry.

Back to what you were saying.. Isrealcares more about palistinians..
I say they don't even every leader said that isreal has to be punished.. Especially after they're last attack... As I recall nearly 300 ppl died in the first hour...

I don't know where you're getting yor information from

There is a rabai that I have great respect for... Went out on the streets in isreal and protested... He said that in before 1948 when Muslims , Christians and Jews lived together in peace under a Muslim government.

When the Jews or Muslims go to work( our weekend are diffrent)
sometimes Muslims babysit the Jews children and the other way around too...

Then the first terrorist attack happend... Groups of Jews started to go in towns blowing themselves up ... Killing women and children... Any one in there way...

And this rabai said that in the Torah it says that it is forbidden for the Jews to have a country!!
But there is hope for peace there always is... There is a lot of good isrealis and good Muslims...

Whoa, Matt - buddy, looks like you need a comment moderator here...

Leslie, IDF also use Palestinian children as human shields. In fact they ATTEST to this as opposed to the rumors that Hamas does this to their own people. The Israeli govt in fact does not call the Palestinian citizens and tell them that they are going to be demolishing their areas soon. Barely half these people in Palestine have tvs, do you really think they would own reliable telephones? The most courtesy they get is a 5 minute waiting period before a tank hits their house.
And you're saying if the Israelis are evacuating a family it would be for a good reason? You need to do your research! Israeli government are evacuating these families not because they care or they believe that they will be victims of a bomb soon. They evacuate them forcefully out of the area to build illegal settlements!
Do not believe what you hear or see in CNN or Fox news when it comes to this issue because they omit so much information of what really happens.

> There attack are s billion times worst than the holucost <

Come to my country and visit the memorial concentration camps like Buchenwald or Bergen-Belsen and you'll see that nothing in the younger history of mankind is (in such a diabolic planning and execution) worse than that what my ancestors did to the jews (and lot's of other people they wanted to get rid off). And if you say that the problem are corrupted governments and not their people, it's of paramount importance that people like you and I and Leslie as well stop blaming each other in public bulletin boards and spread one-sided opinions to the world. Like someone said before: "You always need to hear (and know) both sides of the story." Sadly, WE can't solve this conflict in here... take Matt's Blog as it is: a journal of the world in 2010 in fact with all it's good and bad and happy and sad facettes

Nazi's killed the Jews, Now the Jews are killing Muslims. Any connection? never mind.

I wish i was you, Matt. Visiting Palestine is one of the things i want to do before i die.

Cheers from Denmark. :D

I dont want to get into the politcal discussions but I do admire you Matt for visiting. Must be a bizarre place

FREE FREE PALESTINE! Hey Matt, hope you are doing, I have a very valuable suggestion for you that would make a lot of and more people like you and support you, and that is to REMOVE the so called 'israel' from the list of coutries you visited and REPLACE it with the name of the original land which is PALESTINE.

I'm sure you'll do so if you open your eyes and ears clearly and look at the world widely as you do visit it.

Good luck and best whishes and luck for you from your fans in Palestine.


Salaam :-)

palestine will be free-from the river to the sea?- how old are you-six?
anyway- i'm an israely, and i'm sick of politics. so- ron and leslie, ahmad, omar, MM, holger, and everybody else who's got something important to say, LET GO OF THE CAPS LOCK, leave the "shift-one"!!!!!1!!, and please go somewhere else... if there is one thing that should be left out of politics- its bad dancing.
i think i undarstand why there isn't a comment moderator here, but over time, this place becomes less and less pleasent. let's just all stick to the original plan and act like stupid kids- unlike politics, there is a lot of fun to be made that way.
one last thought- matt (if you read this), try and find "lets go everywhere" by "medeski martin & wood". i think you'll like it.

The Truth about PALESTINE:::

Norman Finkelstein - Israel and Palestine:

"Israel Lobby" authors Steven Walt and John Mearsheimer:

Thom Hartmann's Hypocrisy for Israel Part 2:

I am a Jew, I am not a Zionist:

check my website Matt:::


Big Love...

Wow. I completely forgot what website I was visiting after reading these rants. There are really no true statements on this thread of comments. It is truly criminal to present your strong opinions as facts, and even more so to draw conclusions about such complicated issues.
Even the videos and supposed facts presented are simply more commonly known opinions from other misguided people.
Just relax and watch Matt.

Anyway, Matt you are absolutely correct that it takes more then a day to understand, just please keep dancing.

Here's a source that's fair to BOTH Palestinians and Israelis to put things in perspective:


hmm i see all the pro palistine and pro israel posters are well educated people who pay litte atention to the propodanda pushed out by there respective govrments through the media

ahmed leslie and others
time to stop watching cnn, fox and Al Jazeera tv networks

all of which havebeen proven over and over to portray false information

those soap boxes you have stacked yourself apon are way to shaky and you will fall off them

back to the main topic
nce work matt and i hope you had a nice time working on your latest scean in your "fake" video clip ;-)
hope lary didnt fizzle out in the medertranian heat over there

It is always sad when a life is lost, a family loses their home, and people suffer from lack of resources, regardless of where they are in the world or which side of the fence they sit on.
I just wanted to say thank you Matt for reminding me that even in some of the most desperate areas and darkest times, human beings will always find love and enjoyment and we, as a species, can always take some time to "dance badly" regardless of our situation. Inspiring.

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