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July 21, 2009

Seattle, Washington
Open for Business

The book store is finally up and running on my site.

Actually, it's been up for a week or so while I sorted some kinks out. I've filled a few orders, stocked up on shipping tape and envelopes, and it seems to work just fine.

I'm putting inscriptions into each book. I'm happy to write whatever you like. There's supposed to be a box in the order form where you can enter in your desired text, but that's not functional yet, so for now I'll just send you an email and ask what you'd like me to put in there. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Also, the book miraculously showed up on Kindle the other day for $9.99. The hundreds of photos are all in black and white, but the version 2 model does a much better job with images, so they look sharper than I expected. In any case, I'm a gadget nerd and I dig my Kindle so I am very happy.


I will take my signed, color, hard-bound version any day over the Kindle.


Just got done ordering. I don't mind paying a bit more for the autographed version. No idea what I want inscribed but the random thought sounds kinda cool!

Are you selling/giving away autographed version of the book?

Great, now I have to gift my B&N copy to a family member and buy a new one with "Matt squiggles" inside. Either that or carry this one with me everywhere I go in hopes our paths might cross again someday.

Hi Matt

I bought the book from Amazon. I was in the London clip with my 2 kids. Now I know why you were taking 2 shots. The young boy in a red T-shirt is my son!! I let him read the bit you mentioned about him and the hard gay guy, but I don't think he understood it. (Well, he is only 8, you see). He was rather pleased that he was mentioned in a book, so he took it to school to show his teacher! (although his name was not mentioned, he knew it was him)

Just one thing about your book store. I was just curious how much the postage would be. But there is no mention of it. So, it may be kind to give some guidance. Say, 3 USD for US, 5 USD for Europe and so on.

Hello Matt. Do you have plans to come to Brazil again ?

We want to dance with you !!!

Best regards

Tiago Bellin
Bonito - Pantanal - Brazil


I'd any day pay a few extra bucks to have you scrawl something into my copy of the book :-) I tried placing an order through your website, but I didn't find an option to suggest the text that I wanted you to write inside the book. Am I missing something or have you changed your mind about asking for "custom" text? Anxiously waiting to hear from you before I place my order. Watching your video and dancing to it everyday...

Hooray! Just ordered my copy.

Hi Matt

I am very impressed with your adventures and your preview chapter is a very interesting read.

For 14.95 with your autograph, i think the book is a steal.

Keep up the good work Matt!

Matt, I just saw your videos for the first time today and wanted to thank you for sharing. I also read some of the previous articles on your site and enjoyed very much the video that exposed the "hoax" as a hoax -- hilarious that people would buy that and actually run with it in blogs and news posts! Ha!

You are blessed to have had such wonderful opportunities to see the world and learn about life outside our comfort zone here in the US. It's so awesome to see how different, yet how alike we all are the world over.

You are a true spreader of joy! Thank you again for sharing! :)

-- Missy

Your video was played on a large screen in Times Square, NY on Wednesday! If they didn't know about it before, now hundreds of people know about your website and dancing video!
I think its awesome what you do and wish I could be doing the same!

Agree with MJ, couldn't find the box to type the text to get your book signed, went as far as to the "Pay Now" button in paypal...

Having it signed for 15 USD is way to cheap..

Great that you've got a book out there, I ordered one today! As a former Peace Corps Volunteer (now college professor), I really liked the esprit de corps thing you have going on in your videos. I show your stuff to mystudents (who will be teachers) to try to expand their world views...

Looking forward to the book,

j'ai 53 ans. mon fils m'a montré votre site. vous me faites rever. c'est marrant, entrainant. bravo pour la musique...

What's the address of the store in Seattle. I'll take the ferry over from Bainbridge and pick up a copy.

i had ordered the book ,may i know how long it will take for the book to arrive?

Hi guys am new to this blog, great to see all of them here.

hi matt! please come to guadalajara, mexico! I promise to dance with you and a lot of people too:D
u look like a great guy! good luck
wherever you are dancing:)



I came here from Stumbleupon. (Some people would say it was a random event). Just wanted to share this:
I've just finished watching the movie "United 93", and immediately after that, I saw your video.
Man, putting the two one after the other gives you an emotional perspective on the world!

Your idea of dancing in all countries of the world is great.

But I'm surprised not to see on your list of countries visited, "Israel", then it seems to me that you will'm going to dance??

I certainly like the inscriptions option, and the story actually looks pretty good, good luck in your new venture !

Hi Matt,

We've just added a link to your blog in our blogroll. We all are your fans here at the agency! We're gonna order your book. Keep up the good work!!

Best regards,


Hey Matt,

So, in 2007 you came to Vancouver, and danced with a bunch of Canadians, then we found a DDR mat and you danced some more, and then we had dinner, and it was about the best day of my ENTIRE life.

4 weeks ago I got married to a very sweet British man whom I love loads and loads. And then I had TWO best days of my entire life.

A couple days ago a friend came over to gave me a wedding gift - your book, autographed by you. I don't know how she knew, but she did and I cried all over again, because it was one of the most thoughtful gifts I got.

I hadn't had time to look over it, so tonight I was flipping through it, and there on the Vancouver page, IS MY PICTURE.

I am so touched, and thrilled beyond belief. Thank you SO MUCH for letting me be a part of this. 2009 has been such a crappy year overall (the wedding has been the bright light of it), so this is just simply, and wonderfully, amazing.

One of my favourite pictures of all time:

Thanks for the GREAT blog!!! Wonderful pictures , really enjoyed it,especially when I can't go myself,I can see it here-Francis http://www.geothermalquestions.net

hi Matt you are my idol. One day I will run the world or at least I hope so

Dear Matt,

Thanks for doing this video. It has been sent to me several times by different people. I watch it every time and I cry every time. Thanks for reminding us to DANCE with each other. I just posted it on my Facebook.



Matt, everytime I am sad,I play your video and it's makes me dream again. Thank you for touching so many lives in the craziest way.

Dang I wish I'd have known you would sell them and doodle in it for me. I pre-ordered on Amazon when you first mentioned it and it was a total surprise when it showed up. :)

Go to Uzbekistan ( the city of Tashkent or Samarkand), there will be awesome! I was so lost what did you do in Kyrgyzstan (there is nothing to do) and you skipped Uzbekistan... so sad!

Thank you for inspiration! We would be so happy, if you come also to Latvia!

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