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January 09, 2009

Seattle, Washington
Not to Dwell, But...

One of the nicest parts about attending EG last month was meeting David Pogue, the technology columnist for the New York Times. He's smart, he's funny, he's nice, and he's connected.

David hosted a talk show style presentation at MacWorld this week. He invited me to come on his "show" and talk about whatever, and it just so happened I had a big whatever that I was aching to get off my chest.

Skip to around the 4 minute mark if you already know the basics of who I am and what I do.

Thanks, David, for giving me a forum to straighten things out. And thanks to the MacWorld folks for letting me put this video up.


I really hope this hasn't harmed your rep! I hope that people realize that yes, this was NOT a hoax...

Excel!! I knew it!!! LOL

I love the videos. I watch them whenever I need a pick me up. Thanks.

I feel very sad for you for all the people thinking it was a hoax. However, you did shoot yourself in the foot a bit - it was a good soundbite. There is always room to go more absurd.

I suggest you post more behind the scenes vids, or the full vids as you mentioned you were going to do.

You say to skip the first four minutes, but I don't think it ever gets old for me.

That stage setup was terrible. Apparently they don't do talk shows much at MacWorld.

And hey, I recognized you when you weren't dancing. Heck, I recognized your VOICE when you were talking on the phone behind me. PAX2007!

Excellent. And very funny. David rocks, I've been a fan and correspondent of his since the mid-nineties.

That's awesome. (The original not hoax-hoax I mean, not the idiots who took it for realz.)

I'm an Apple employee, if you want my employee discount for a MacBook or something then let me know :)

I wonder why it seems some people actually WANT the dancing videos to be fake?? Maybe they are hurt because they aren't in them?

I thought you used Microsoft Office Access..:)LOL

I was in the audience and several of my friends got up and danced with you. (I was of course stuck holding the camera!) But I wanted to let you know that this was one of my favorite parts of attending Macworld this year and I know my friends who danced with you said it was the highlight of the trip. Thanks for sharing your time and your story with us. Dance on!

I was in the audience for this, and got up to dance, I was wondering if you were going to put the footage of the dancing up, I have a little from a friend, but it's only the end (just before it finishes).

I guess people think it's too great to be true !
And I think that this video will really straighten things out, it's really really funny and I guess every moron that thought it was a hoax will see how ridiculous this was !
Is it spreading as fast as the articles claiming it was a Hoax ?

So you don;t like negative comments? It can't be all perfect pal--you are a mooch on society--you contribute nada to anything--You live your life from other and gum---what a total waste you are---shame shame.

I cannot believe how many people are buying the hoax... I have apparently greatly underestimated the stupidity and gullibility of humans.

BTW - its been great to see you grow as a public speaker over the years!

I remember watching one of those "History of Rock and Roll" films where they're interviewing Alice Cooper about the whole news report saying that he bit the head off a chicken on stage and a concert. The next day Frank Zappa called Cooper and asked him, "Did you really do that???" Cooper said, "No! Some fans threw the chicken on to the stage and I picked it up and threw it back and the crowd tore it to pieces." Then Zappa said to Cooper, "Don't tell anyone the real story!"

I wouldn't worry too much about people thinking the video is a hoax. This is not unique to the internet. It's not unique to today. It's just human nature. I think your hoax hoax is perfect. Let it live. The number of people who understand that your video is NOT a hoax, I would venture to guess, far outnumber the people who think it is.

I would also venture to guess that you got an overall renewed interest in you and your videos. And that's a good thing.

I guess this proves that with internet, you should always expect the worst :)

Both videos made me laugh a lot, thanks Matt! :)

Well, I guess you're like, finished now.

Hilarious story! Keep dancin' :)

No feed button?

Where any animatronic puppets harmed in the making of your videos?

i totally LOVED the video the first time i saw it. i still love the video.

and i'm so amused by this hoax. but i can't say i'm really surprised that it backfired. the masses are always much stupider than estimated.

You were very engaging in the MacWorld appearance--which is quite an accomplishment, considering that YOU are animatronic.

That's Brilliant Matt - good job! Some people eh?! Lol...

This video is a fake. Matt's videos are all fakes. From the fake videos of him fake dancing around a fake world, to the fake reveal of his fake hoax, to the fake reveal that his fake reveal was faked. Everything about him is fake.
Hell, even this very comment is a fake! :p

Oh man, you're out in Seattle? My best friend lives there!! I wish I were visiting him now!

I see you scooted right into Minneapolis, Minnesota back in September of 2008. That stinks. I wanted to dance with you.

Those poor people who couldn't realize it was a hoax. Hahaha. Good work. You're obviously a skilled liar. :P

Great Matt! We love watching your videos here ( Brazil )! Keep dancing for a better world!

I love it just love it, glad to see you're having so much fun. Love the work you put into faking them out. I've had a similar experience with a friggin bottle, no bringing that one alive!

I've watched your movies a while ago and today just felt like seeing them again.

Then I wander on your blog and found this "diamond".

You are a very good entertainer and for all accounts a master of photoshop :D


As someone who works in marketing and advertising, I have to say, "This is brilliant."

I loved your video - and the outtakes as well. But the viral hoax concept says a lot about the dangers of the internet when put in the wrong minds.

It's one thing to say you can't believe everything you read on the internet - but the hoax has even put that concept on its head and spun it around.

Well done. I hope to see more from you.

La verdad es que no se qué importancia puede tener el que el vídeo sea auténtico o no. Creo que puede asociársele un significado, un contenido, que va mucho más allá de si lo que se ve es real o no.
Personalmente, me encantó, me arrancó una sonrisa y me hizo pensar en lo bonito que podría ser el mundo si las relaciones internacionales fueran tan sencillas como bailar ridículamente (con todo mi cariño) ante una cámara.
Ánimo Matt.
Que las altas esferas del mundo aprendan de tí (con o sin Photoshop).

"Thanks, David, for giving me a forum to straighten things out."

I was never fooled, of course, by the original "hoax" speech. I'm much too intelligent, sophisticated, and able to readily appreciate good parody when I see it. But can I buy off of you one of those little Christmas Island animatronic crabs? It will drive my cat nuts!

EXCELent joke! so funny! I've been folowing the hoax story, ridiculous.
I'd like to know if you ever went back to Solomon Islands to get in touch with Afunakwa's family. I always loved the song, and can't forget about the story in your video -the wigmen shot is soooo funny! they're "cute" with all their holy garments and stuff-.

EXCELent joke! so funny! I've been folowing the hoax story, ridiculous.
I'd like to know if you ever went back to Solomon Islands to get in touch with Afunakwa's family. I always loved the song, and can't forget about the story in your video -the wigmen shot is soooo funny! they're "cute" with all their holy garments and stuff-.

Omg I just noticed the funniest thing on your budget the "Robot Uprising Insurance: 1,000,000" that is freaking hilarious.

and to the whole Hoax thing I just can't believe that the robot thing didn't tip people off.

I love the videos but my favorite is 2008... I agree w other ppl... when a i need a "cheer up" i put the video... make me think im there with you dancing... keep it going...

Oy! As a marketing and PR person, it says something about my profession that people would believe such things.

Your videos and travels are beautiful, and every time I watch them, they make me incredibly happy-- and hopeful.

So to those who are quick to cry 'fake,' it is because they are the type of people who lash out before they are lashed at, who hurt before they can be hurt. They can't stand the hope-- and that sucks for them!

Same to those who leave negative comments on your blogs-- it's sad for them.

Keep doing what you're doing, parody/sarcasm and all. You're fantastic.

I LOL when you showed the pie chart of costs of the hoax! That was absolutely hilarious! I have enjoyed your videos 4 evr and will check back often to find out what you are up to! Good luck with whatever and know that you have opened a whole world for us. Thanks Matt for your spirit, your committment and the sharing of your life with us for the past 4 years:) The very best in the future.

Hey Matt, it's a "coup de grace" and not "coup de gras" which means "fat punch" AH AH :-D

Oh, thank goodness the dancing videos are real! I was heartbroken when I heard the TED bit, especially when you said the world is much to violent or scary a place to do such a thing. I was thinking "no it's not!"

Come back to Taiwan and dance again and I'll get you set up with a wonderful Taoist dance troupe at a gorgeous temple!

Wow, it's just so funny! The army of robots. Wow, I love it.

I love the over ruling robot insurance hahahahaha

robot uprising insurance takes the cake.
aasimov would have something to say about it, im sure.
it shows how involved with your travels people are if they watch so closely that they criticize or attempt to rationalize the awe inspiring movement you've created. maybe they're just a teensy bit jealous too...
its a sign of a well nurtured soul to be able to poke fun at one's self... apparently it just takes a couple people who don't get the joke to cause a stink about it. good luck and safe travels!

The outtakes are the best, Matt. I loved the robot with man boobs.

PS have only just discovered your site, and think it's cool but a bit crazy that you danced with elephants in Botswana. Yipes!

Did anyone notice how Matt's shadow is out of synch with that robot behind the MacWorld desk? And that lap-prop 'computer'? Sooooo fake.

First watched your video on APOD. Love it. Glad I checked in. Thanks for dancing.

Did anyone stop to think what 1 robot would cost to produce? All you expenses / costs combined couldn't equal that price. I realize your sponsor has some money but I wouldn't think that would equal years of their marketing budget.

oh my, that's so hilarious! I too watch the video when I need a pick me up... and sometimes when I need a good cry too :)

Or a laugh. Heh.

This is a reply to Og who said Matt is a total waste...

Perhaps you havn't traveled much or havn't realized the beauty that comes from human beings making a conncection with each other but I have been fortunate enough to realize that my favorite thing to do is step outside of my comfort zone and try something new or different. Matt may be different than you or may not have the same values but that certainly doesn't make him worthless. A lot of people view him as inspirational. You know what they say, "don't knock it 'til you try it".

Hi Matt,
I just wanted to confirm that your pronunciation of coup de grace is correct and Pogue's was wrong. It is "COO DE GRAHSS". If you leave the S sound off you are saying "blow of grease".

Hi! I saw your work for the first time several months ago. I was unprepared for the intensity of emotion I felt in watching such a simple, yet monumental symbol of the concept of global community.

At first I giggled heartily, but then I was overcome with tears of joy from seeing the incredibly positive responses of all of those people. So much of what we see and hear these days inspires fear, anger, hopelessness, etc. Thank you for bringing something with a little more optimism and lightheartedness to the table.

I was prompted to visit your site again because of the essay you wrote for "This I Believe" on NPR. I'm glad to see that they took an interest in what you are doing. I was dismayed to find that even some NPR fans, who I (wrongly) thought of as generally intelligent, are choosing to view your work cynically and critically by still insisting that it is a "hoax". It must be hell to be that ignorant AND miserable to boot.

Thanks again! Dance on, my friend! And if you're ever in Boise, Idaho, I hope I hear about it. I'd be honored to boogie recklessly with the likes of you, sir!!

Love your videos!! Keep dancing. :)

When I saw your video "Where is Matt?" on YouTube - I cry. Verry inspiring and when I'm sad, hopless or tired, "Where is Matt?" video make my day, bring me joy.
After I saw this video, I can't stop leaf. So you make my day again, thank you !!!
Keep going, you are doing a GREAT job!

Oi Matt, espero que vc fale ou entenda português, pq eu não falo nada de inglês mas resolvi arriscar, creio que alguém possa traduzir, se for o caso...
Sou Brasileira de São Paulo e meu nome é Yara Augusta Vieira Gouveia (Guta). Adorei sua dancinha e sua coragem pra correr o mundo.... Imagino que assim como eu, muitas pessoas invejem e admirem sua postura e determinação!!! Que Deus te conserve assim!!! Voce e sua infinita vontade de viver!!!
Com carinho!!


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