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June 21, 2008

Seattle, Washington
Comments on the 2008 Dancing Video

This is a place for comments on the 2008 dancing video. I read all this stuff and I enjoy hearing what you have to say.

If you have any questions, I try to answer them in the FAQ. It's terribly out of date right now, but I'm going to be updating it over the coming days.

If you want to know more about a particular clip, check the journal. There's a list of countries on the right. I didn't manage to document every stop on the trip, but I covered a fair bit of it. There are lots of stories and pictures.


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Comments on the 2008 Dancing Video


FIRST! (this is the internet, I had to do it)

Thanks so much for putting in all the work for this Matt!! :) Your videos are an inspiration for all us fellow travellers! I do hope you keep it up ;)

Is the video displayed yet? Because all it says is "Dancing 2008" and no video. Maybe I'm a bit ahead of myself.

I'm having the same problem as Andrew.

Matt, where's video!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

Amazing!! It came out so good. I love it. So much more intense, and the places you went are incredible and people dancing with you from every corner of the earth. Well done Matt

Try going to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlfKdbWwruY

Music is good but it so doesn't go with this video.

EXCELLENT!! I absolutely loved it!! The music goes perfectly with the video and I loved the scene where everyone runs in!! And I can clearly see myself waving my arms frantically with my yellow jacket in the centre of the shot at 3:51!!! My mum will be so proud! :D

Brilliant, Matt. I couldn't stop smiling while watching it.

Matt, you are amazing! I'm so happy that Chicago made it into the video (and Warsaw too!) The new video is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the choice of music. I can't believe how many children (and animals) made it into the video. The whole thing is truly breathtaking.

This was absolutely without a doubt one of the best days of my ENTIRE LIFE.

Thank YOU

Good one, went a little fast for my liking as compared to the first, but was very fun to see everyone run in from either side and dance with you. It became a bit like "Where's Waldo?" (hahaha)

The new music was very interesting and was great to see you get in sync with the Indian women for a couple of steps!!!

So, I see you went back to the Solomen Island...........any news on meeting Afunakwa's family? I know you said you'd meet them next time you go back.


Nice... but where is the downloadable "HD" version??!!

It's good but it's too fast for me to see Toronto because you had so many places to fit in. Will you be posting another video of outtakes?

P.S. Where we (the dancers) supposed to get Stride gum? The flavor really DOES last a long time!

I've been waiting for this!!!!!
Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!!
My kids and I danced to it this morning before heading to school :)
Once again, Matt, you rock!
Love the people, the places, everything.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
You set the bar, man.

Thanks for posting, I love it, You made a pregnant girl cry of joy :)

Awesome!!! I danced in Mexico!! but I like so much the dance in India...
Thank you Matt!!

Hey Matt

Don't know if you read the youtube comments so I'll just do a little cut & paste action. :)

It looks wonderful Matt. Your hard work really paid off. I love the vibrant colors of many of those shots!
As I mentioned to you, here in Chicago, I made my own humble attempt at something similar. In honor, I posted it today as well. Hope you check it out.
Captain Jack Sparrow ;)


Dear Matt,

Thank you for making this wonderful video. It really does show perfectly that we are all one here on our beautiful planet earth.


You have the world dancing. I cried joyful tears watching your amazing video! I think the music is great, too.

Thank you so much for doing this.

What can I say? I have tears in my eyes.. Phenominal..

Absolutely beautiful.
It made me cry. I love seeing all the joy
in the faces of the dancers. At a time
when the world is not such a pretty place
you make us all want to jump on a plane
and see it all.
Love from Westport!

Your last video made me cry - this one too. It makes you love people - they're so goofy and wonderful. And to coin Discovery Channel - The World Is Just Awesome.
(I miss the old song though)

Your last video made me cry - this one too. It makes you love people - they're so goofy and wonderful. And to coin Discovery Channel - The World Is Just Awesome.
(I miss the old song though)

Your last video made me cry - this one too. It makes you love people - they're so goofy and wonderful. And to coin Discovery Channel - The World Is Just Awesome.
(I miss the old song though)

Thanks Matt - your videos always bring me a smile, even a little teardrop of joy.

Truely moving, why does it make me well up i have no idea! keep dancing matt, on behalf of all of us keep dancing

Unbelievable. Tears in my eyes sat at my desk at work. What an amazing illustration of joy, hope and togetherness. Maybe we as a species will make it after all...

Congratulations on completing this, Matt!
It came out perfectly; I just wish I could've been in one of the clips.

You are an inspiration Mr Harding and I THANK YOU for sharing this with the world. I've watched it repeatedly and blogged about it too. Best of luck with it. Marvellous, marvellous work.

The dancing in Gurgagon, India, was beautiful.

The juxtaposition between NYC and Tokyo was inspired.

And Nellis Airspace was an awesome inclusion. :-)

Well done!

Best WTHIM video to date. Brilliant! You are indeed a modern day hero, Sir, bringing together the world like this!

What you have made here — and what you have yet to do — will make sense a thousand, a million, a billion years from now.

This new video is as great as the previous ones.
A real moment of happiness :)

I hope you will come back to Japan again :)

It reminds me how beautiful the world is and all the people that are in it!

Great work and thanks Matt!

Keep on dancing Matt.
You should work for the UN or something ;)

truly inspirational, thanks

Matt this video is awesome. Dancing in Zero G -Hillarious.

Great work.

Oh Matt, this is truly amazing. What a fabulous gift to all the world. It made me laugh and cry from the sheer exuberance and love of the piece. I can only imagine the marvelous experiences you had and the wonderful people you have met. Thank you, thank you for having this vision and sharing it with us.

Congratz!!!! Amazing amazing amazing!!!

Thank you :-)

This is amazing!
I don't think I have ever cried with happiness so much!! This was and is absolutely wonderful! I would LOVE to dance with you one day!

I can't say anything else but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO!

--Heather "Mari" S. <3

Matt - everytime... never fails...

"What you have made here — and what you have yet to do — will make sense a thousand, a million, a billion years from now.

Posted by: Bob Stein | June 20, 2008 at 08:21 AM"

I really must respond with an amen!

I am kicking myself for not making it up to the Seattle dance.
I love what you do, where you go and just about everything about you.
This new video is perfect.
Cheers to you!
--Miss Melly ;)

Awesome! Another great accomplishment Matt. I have watched all your videos from my desk at work and I always get goosebumps and a little pink eyed. The video just represents what happy is for me. It's the 'good' of the world that many never experience.

Well done Matt, well done.

Brilliant...absolutely brilliant!!

Bhutan...ahhh would love to go there!!

Sorry I couldn't make the Dublin dance!

I tip my hat to you, well done.

Been following along in your travels for a couple of years now. Had a really crappy morning, but had an ear to ear smile after watching the new one. Thanks, Keep trekkin.

What a great video! Enjoyable seeing all the places you went to. I just don't understand why you listed something as East Jerusalem, West Bank when in reality you were in Jerusalem, Israel. There's no country called West Bank that exists in the world, and as such, it would be great to make that proper correction so people dont get confused. Thanks in advance for choosing truth over politics.

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