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June 20, 2008

Seattle, Washington
Dancer Comments

This is a place where people who danced in the video can put their comments. Let us know where you are, what you're wearing, that sort of thing.

Is someone standing in front of you and hogging all the attention? Did you get cut out of the frame? Or did your city get cut from the video altogether? Was I rude to you? Did I have bad breath? Air your grievances.

Or, heaven forbid, if you should have something nice to say, go ahead and do that too!

I know the clips go by very fast. I'll be posting separate videos with full-length versions of the dances in each city. Every city will be in there, including the ones that didn't make the final cut. It'll take me a while to edit the footage together, though, so here is the schedule for release:

Europe and Israel - June 27th
US and Canada - July 4th
Australia, Asia, South America, and Mexico - July 11th

Of course, I can't stop people who didn't dance in the video from commenting here as well. But the idea is to make this a forum for the select group of people all around the world who have a somewhat peculiar common experience.


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Dancer Comments


I danced in Dublin Ireland, I've a feeling it's gonna get cut from the video though. No mention of your adventures here in the blog at all - not even in the countries list on the right...

I danced in Miami! It was great because we were a small group of people.

When we had finished a couple of takes and started taking pictures and video clips with Matt I had the idea of having Matt dance looking like he was by himself, and then coming out from behind him and dancing.

Everyone agreed we should try this with the whole group, so we did it. I hope he decided to use that take, because it looked great!

No video yet... I guess I will have to wait.

Oh, Matt, I have goosebumps, you've done it again! Thank you so much for bringing us the world, one bad dance at a time!

My daughter and I danced in Toronto. There is only a flash of the yellow umbrellas in front of the CN Tower at 0:54 but if I am really fast and pause it there I can see her just to the right of you and black blob I believe is me behind her. Too bad it isn't longer.

Danced with Matt in Brisbane. At first I couldn't find him (the botanic gardens is a large place), so I thought that the best way would be to yell the familiar title of the video at the only other dude walking around aimlessly.

"Where the Hell is Matt?" I yell. "Here!" Matt yells back. On an epicness scale of 1 to 10, I would think that scores an 11.

Brilliant movie, and I have no doubt that this one will be much more popular. :)

I'm one of the Melbourne people that run into the shot in @ 0:56, can barely see me but frankly who cares. Love the video, they always managed to make me feel purely happy :)

Thanks Matt, and thanks to everyone else too!

You made three stops in Canada and all three appear in the video. That was nice to see.

The Toronto clip was cropped just as I made it into the frame but I know I was there and is was worth the trip half way across the country to be a part of it regardless! This is all about the people - not the person - and the people were well and truly represented.

Well done Matt! Don't pay any attention to the nitpickers!

And I wanna do it again!

Excellent work, Matt!

Danced in Toronto with my three kiddies. They're in the frame for about two tenths of a second at 0:53.
But we still love you, Matt! LOL

If there's any chance to get access to the full Toronto clip, we'd be super interested. :-)

Ok, the excitement of the new video completely overtook me and I posted to the general comments section...but I also wanted you to know Matt that because of this one day, I made some really cool new friends that I still keep in touch with.

Now come back and visit us again in Chicago! (even if it's just for lunch)


Hi Matt!

The new video rocks!

We danced together in Buenos Aires and you def pulled it off!

Do you have the vid in high quality somewhere?

Abrazo! Lucas

Danced in Brussels, Belgium.

I didn't manage to see if I was visible for half a fraction of a frame :p

Honestly doesn't matter, though, it's the whole that is meaningful and interesting.

Great video Matt, a whole different feel to it. Can't say it's better than the previous one, it's different and great on its own.

I danced in Paris ! And Matt, by the way :

1.You haven't been rude to me (I think ?)
2.You didn't have bad breath (Thank you Stride ! Haha !)
3.It was greeeaaaat !

Thank you again for everything you do, this video gave me the goosebumps once more. It was a memorable experience, I'm so glad you came to Paris.

You just brightened my day, thank you Matt and everybody else !

We danced (badly) in Chicago with you--what a blast and I love the video. Thanks for dancing in Illinois!

Scott and Gregor

I danced in Los Angeles, CA. I remember everyone spending time together beforehand because we were waiting for just the perfect light (we wanted the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean). Matt handed out bubbles to everyone and we had a grand ole time. Matt even danced with my teddy bear (I'm 29 and still carry it around...heehee). It was a wonderful experience! Thank you Matt!

Hi Matt, the new video absolultey Rocks! I wish I had a better word. It brought be to happy tears because it is pure joy, no politics, no attachments, no stress, no problems, just people having fun together doing the same thing (dancing badly) at the same time, all over our big beautiful world. We were all in the moment and it shows in every clip!
It was my great pleasure to dance in Los Angeles! We were nearly interrupted by a Peace March! I am kind of short so I am right in front, very visible, dk. orange shirt, jean jacket(looks black),sunglasses, hair up. I couldn't wait to meet you in Santa Monica. You were a swell guy, plesant, polite to everyone, and much taller than I realized!!! I have great pictures to remember that afternoon, I will remember it always, and now we have this rockin video!

Your videos bring such happines and joy to so many, that of course is why they are such a hit and this one will be the biggest hit!

Thank you Matt, and thank you Stride Gum for allowing Matt Harding to continue his good work........dancing badly and spreading joy! Okay don't get freaked out that I am getting kind of mushy, but it's true.

Can't wait to see the invidual clips.

Tashi Delek Matt!

My Wife and I danced in San Francisco!

You can't really see us in the clip but, honestly, I got a little choked up just thinking about how I was part of something so whimsically human that spanned the planet. It's sure going to make this Friday go by easy.

Thanks Matt for doing something so incredibly cool and letting us be a part of it.

I danced with Matt in New York city!

This made me tear up. On first viewing the stand-outs are Indian and New Guinea, and anytime you danced with children and animals (the crabs!!!!! loved them!!!).

Thank you for this wonderful experience.


I danced in Los Angeles, CA. I remember everyone spending time together beforehand because we were waiting for just the perfect light (we wanted the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean). Matt handed out bubbles to everyone and we had a grand ole time. Matt even danced with my teddy bear (I'm 29 and still carry it around...heehee). It was a wonderful experience! Thank you Matt!

Matt, I forgot to say, the music is amazing! I will download Praan immediately!

Matt and Melissa, thank you for inviting us to join in the fun at Gasworks. Meeting you and your family only added to the warmth felt about your endeavor and its gentle message. This, your 3rd go 'round, I was pleased to see you still enjoying the dances.

Great video and beautiful music!

I danced in Dublin(on the far left). I always knew it in my heart but it has now finally been proven, the evidence is unequivocal. I am the worst dancer in the entire world! :D Good Times.

Congrats Matt, you are a hero.

Absolutely fantastic!!! I know I'll be watching it several more times today.

A few friends and I danced with you in DC, and I didn't see us during the quick clip, but the experience is what counts and we had a blast!

AWESOME! I danced with you at the Bean in Chicago. It was one of the most enjoyable times and will be a fond memory of living in Chicago (I have recently moved back to Houston). Your video is truly a beautiful thing expressing how we all are together in this world...and all love to Dance! very Zen. Thank you for the loving life experience!!!


My husband and I danced with you in TEL AVIV, ISRAEL.

You can read all about it and even see exclusive video footage below:


My wife and two daughter and I danced with you at Tokyo Japan.
This video is GREEEAT!! and nice music!

Thanks for dancing with us!

My wife and I danced in Vancouver, Canada.
I woke up this morning to this new precious little video and was overwhelmed with joy! All of us, everywhere, smiling and dancing together, all the same, yet each so perfectly different.
I cannot help being a little envious of your mission, and very grateful that you, in such a simple, exuberant manner, have demonstrated again the possibility of the perfection and wonder of just being alive!
It was great to have had the honour of dancing with all of you everywhere! Love to you Matt and all those that made this possible.
We can now get Stride in Canada, and you know what brand I'm chewin'!

I danced in Miami. I think everyone there had a blast. We were a small group which was surprising for such a large city. I have been looking forward to seeing the video since September. Great job!!!

This is SOOO ENTIRELY AMAZING! I love that one can always spot Matt in the crowds of people with that bad dancing that he says he does...lol. Loved the dancing in the rain scenes, the big wave (hope Matt recovered well from that) and the scene with the Indian dancers and the tribe! What a way to totally get into the culture that is our world! Oh hehe...and my lil son is in the last scene in Seattle, WA. Woot for orange pants!!

>Is someone standing in front of you

Character " Tokyo , Japan " XD

I think you can see part of my foot in the Toronto flash -- but I'm still glad I was there! Awesome video, Matt. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

You came to HK and my sis and I was gonna dance with you but we were 15 mins late and it was terrible weather - foggy, rainy, and windy!! I had wondered if you made the video at all because I couldn't even see my own hand in the fog, let alone find the spot you were going to make the video in~!

Nevertheless, GREAT video!!

The new video is great. Had a blast dancing in the nation's capital. Looks like you used one of if not the first take we did. I'm dancing behind you in the red shirt. Thanks again for the water, it was a hot day!

I danced with you in Paris and Munich, it's very great to see this video, very good moments

Thanks to you Matt and Melissa, thanks to everyone!

Dancing Forever!!

Hi there,

man, I am watching your video now the 6th time and it is just amaizing. You are an inspiration!

It was a great honor to dance with you in Buenos Aires.

And not to forget, also great thanks to Garry Schyman, the music he produces for your videos are just awesome. A hundred percent fitting and emotion capturing!

See you soon, Best regards!

Fantastic,Matt!! Excellent work,indeed!!!
I danced in Tokyo with you and did some translation work for you shooting the video.
Dancing badly with you was so great experience for me, and moreover seeing me dancing with you among all dancers in all over the world is sooooooo cool.
Thank you very very much to you Matt and Melissa :)

I was in the London England one!

Woot i see me a little bit lol, Cant see my sis though, Was a fun day :) and kinda funny that we got moved to the steps, Was a good ol laugh though us all bursting in to dance!

Top stuff!

My sister is mandy smith,
and my frined John simmons

Where also in the Vid,

I danced in Seattle! The video turned out really great Matt! Thanks for letting us all be a part of it.

Great video Matt. I have been waiting all year for this and I must say that it's fantastic. A job well done.

I was in Austin. A mop on my head and an ATO Greek letter shirt.

Once again, fantastic.

Thanks for coming.

I'm the one in the blue sweater behind Matt in Brussels!!

Again you've managed to make an awesome video...reminds me of the moment when I saw the video for the first time, and when I thought: 'This is awesome!'
And for some reason I got to dance in the new video, and with the video my experience will survive forever.
Hope you can make some more video's, the world is still big, and there is much unexplored territory, for you to check it out.
I can't wait to see the video of Europe and Israel, with maybe some more seconds of fame for me.

Thank you Matt and Melissa, you both were and are great persons.

Hey Matt! I'm DEAD CENTER in the Washington DC clip! That's pure awesome. I've been eagerly waiting for this video for a while, and it didn't disappoint, especially the dance in the DMZ with the stoic guard in the background.

Keep on dancin', Matt!

I missed matt in Austin, so I tracked him down in Santa Monica and danced with him, and hung out a bit that evening. Matt, you're an awesome, genuine guy. I hope you never stop doing this. great video, thanks for letting us be a part.

Danced with you in Seattle and had a blast - just love the final video! You can just barely see my family in the center-right of the crowd. Ryan is swaying with the baby and I'm flipping my hair around next to him. Drinks on us for the next visit, okay?

Hola Matt

He visto muchos de tus videos, me gusta mucho por lo sitio por donde has estado.

Enorabuena amigo, puedes venir a España cuando quieras, esta invitado en Valladolid.

Un abrazo y suerte en tus viajes por el mundo.

Javier Rodriguez. Webmaster de radiovalladolid.com

I danced in Singapore! Our Merlion looks faaaaaar moreeeee bigggggger than the teeny weeny us at the side. (3:39) But who cares, i'm glad we all had a kick-ass awesome great time. We even had individual opportunity to dance/photo-take with Matt! How cool. You can view 'em here:


Matt danced beside me! You commented that my Camera T-shirt was cool and i brought you Chinese New Year goodies. I MISS THAT DANCING! Without a doubt the best thing i've done all year.

Hey! Where the hell am I? That's me dancing for a second on Rio de Janeiro. I guess know now how Matt feels to be called a "dancer".

Great vid Matt! Well done! The high quality version is absolutely stunning. Loved it. Happy to be part of the making.

I was in the Boston, MA clip. I'm so glad to see this all come together. Some of those clips were awesome to watch. I love the piano in the beginning. Look forward to the video coming out with the full length version of each clip. Thanks for coming to bean town. Great job Matt and Melissa.

I was in London with my son (little one in red T-shirt in front row) and my daughter (in white 3/4 length trousers).
We had a fantastic time that day, well worth travelling for hours in a train.
It was one of the hottest day last summer, too!

Apart from our London clip, I thought the Gurgaon(India) clip was really good, bit of a deviation from your normal bad dancing!

I also remember reading your blog about the trouble you had filming with the whale and with zero-G. I am so honoured to be part of such a fabulous project!

Matt and Melissa,

Your friend Lenora told me about you the day before your final dance in Seattle. It so happens June 7 was my birthday and I'm so happy to have spent it dancing with you at Gasworks Park. It was the most joyful birthday I've ever had. Thank you both. Beautiful.

Dancei com Matt no Rio de Janeiro em Ipanema beach
Foi muito manero,pena que ele postou logo a cena que eu já estava zuando,tipo mandando uma dança do Superman,mas valeu a pena e tudo deu certo
Sucesso pra você Matt
Um forte abraço e até a próxima.

Matt!! I should apologise because I'm pretty sure that I'm blocking you in the Montreal video!! :-P
Otherwise, I could not be happier with that shot; I wore a ridiculously yellow jacket just so I could easily find myself later and I end up in the centre of the shot to boot!!! I've been told that my arm waving is like saying "come join us in the rain"!! You told me in an email that you were sure Montreal would make it to the final cut and you were true to your word!! Many thanks always from me, number 169; I'll be showing this video to people for the rest of my life :)

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