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June 18, 2008

Seattle, Washington
Where the Hell is Matt?: The Motion Picture

The video is all but done. Just tweaking colors and audio mix at this point.

On Monday I showed it at YouTube's main office. They invited me to come speak there a while back and I took them up on it now that I've got something new to show. The reaction was great and they're all set to feature it on Friday morning. In terms of getting the video seen, that is a very big deal.

Last night we had the premiere at the Big Picture in Seattle. It's a sort of boutique movie theater that you can rent out for events. Melissa and I invited all our friends and family. It was a pretty easy audience to please, but I didn't expect the kind of guffaws that it got. My mom said it was one of the highlights of her life, so I'm still coasting on that.

I realize it's a bit odd to drag people into a movie theater to watch an internet video. Four and a half minutes goes by pretty fast. But how often do you get an opportunity to do something like that?

I played the video off a USB stick plugged into my Xbox360. After it finished, we played Rock Band on the 20 foot screen -- which was actually the real motivation behind the whole event.

Folks kept asking to see the old videos, so I put them on and then quickly realized it'd been months/years since I'd actually watched any of them. It struck me how slow and tranquil they are compared to the new one. I'm so used to the swirling mass of life/global dance party that I've been corraling these last few months, I'd forgotten how kind of...well...boring the old videos are. Maybe my attention span has just gotten shorter.

I heard the best line of the night while paying the bar tab for 70 people. My friend, Wynn, caught a glimpse of the final number.

"That's not a bar tab. That's a radio station!"

I suppose he meant on the AM band.