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July 11, 2007

Seattle, Washington
Fun With Google Earth

About two months ago, some folks at Google Earth rang me up and asked if I wanted to work on a project with them. This was not a difficult decision, as Google Earth is pretty much the coolest thing anyone has ever done with a computer.

I put together a list of favorite places and wrote some stuff to say about them. Then a lot of fancy technical stuff happened and here is the result.

And here's where you can download the KML file with all the stuff in the video.

Melissa and I shot the intro and outro about two weeks ago in Sweden. I had a cold, so I sound really stuffed up, and Melissa got sore arms cause she had to hold the camera over her head the whole time. It took me half an hour to get those six sentences right, and we had to start over every time a car drove by.

Here is what I learned: talking on camera is about 10 times harder than dancing.

In case any of you went to my sister's new site last week and found you weren't able to actually buy anything, after many hours on hold with customer support in India, she's got it working now. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's in my last post.

I'm back from the wedding in New York. I learned how to be a best man, which is not very difficult. You mostly just stand there. Really, the only hard thing is the speech, and my brother-in-law gave me some excellent tips on that.

"Keep it under 2 minutes. Three jokes, then say something sappy."

I'm back in Seattle now and officially off the hook for the summer. I'm not going anywhere for at least...7 days.


Awesome! First global travel, then working with Google. You even picked some pretty nice places to boot! Angkor is by far one of my most favorite places on Earth. You've got a pretty good speaking voice, even if it takes a while to record perfectly.

Can't wait for your next post!

Nice video. Not only are you looking good, but you have a very relatable voice. When the dancing shtick wears thin, you could have a future in voice-over work.

Wow - that is seriously cool! What's next - your own travel show on the Travel Channel? Seems like it can't be far off!

Great work Matt! I love the dancing guy icon... and the "fancy technical stuff..."

I love ur idea and work... why don't u come to south Korea... hope see u soon here... hehe...peace


I'm a little behind the times. I just found out about you and LOVE what you have done. Keep up the good work, and we'll be checking back often. You have a fabulous sense of humor. :)

Hey Matt,

I thought I'd be the first to come on here and comment how great your speaking voice is but alas, no. Still though, I think you definitely could have a future in voice over for the Discovery channels, especially the History Channel. I agree with Rob too...you need a show on the Travel Channel!

Happy days to you!

Well done Matt and Melissa!

When I saw the video and all the places you've been, I thought you must've gone to college. Everyone always told me I wouldn't amount to anything without a degree, which seriously bummed me out cause I'm a horrible student. It's not like I want to spend the rest of my life sitting on a sofa, I want to go places and do things like some of what you've done. There used to be only one person I knew who lived a life others only dreamed of doing without a college education in todays world and that was John Mayor. Now I have two. I know that sounds dumb since all you've been doing is dancing, but you've still done what only mostly the rich have been able to in your travels. Never stop what you're doing.

You are amazing!I really admire you! It's incredible how much you have travelled when i become older i'd like to be you!someone said that watching your videos wanted to dance it's true you make people happy..to forget all black sites of the world and make them smile for a while...congratulations for your site and your fantastic videos!!!Go on travelling you are lucky!!my first travel alone will be on october to london! hope one day i 'll see you somewhere of this world!!hehe

I do not speak very well English. I call Francisco and am myself Portuguese, alive in Lisbon and am a great fan yours. I read an article yesterday yours in the newspaper “metro” (newspaper Portuguese). I know that you were the last month here but I only knew later.
It would like that when you came back Portugal it would like to mark a meeting, you are very welcome Portugal. Who knows one day I will not make what you are to make now.
That everything runs you well and if possible would like that you sent me sending new features and also would like to know you one hugs of your fan Loved.

Francisco Amado sixteen years 24 of July of 2007

Me encantaron tus videos! los veo muchas veces!
mi hermana vive en Windham, CT, en el 2005 visitamos ese estado. Muy lindo! fuimos a Mohegan Sun hotel y a un parque acuatico Lake Compuse en Mistic.

Soy de Puerto Rico. Bella Isla, la llaman la Isla del Encando. Es que sus playas y atardeceres son preciosos! Espero puedas venir algun dia a 'bailar ese baile raro' ! jaaaa

te felicito!

What a perfect match-up.
I have a couple of post about you on my blog but the Google one is great! No dancing though :(
You inspired me to take dance class!
I smile when I think of your little dancing jig.
Great voice and VERY professional presence.
Teri in Costa Rica

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