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March 12, 2007

Seattle, Washington
Dancing Outtakes

It's up, finally. Sorry for the delay.

Here's a place to leave comments.


Awesome! Did the girl at the end really make that sound when she fell?

And of course, is she ok?

This is a scream!!! You know, I wondered if dancing on the Kjeragbolten was a good idea, especially if you are afraid of heights, but dancing on the LA highway, now THAT was dumb! Great outtakes video, keep up the good work. What could possibly be next?

Well done!!!

If possible come dance in Brazil in next video! =)

Thank's to make us traveling! come to dance in Switzerland!!!!


that is so not danc'n it looks like a home made tread system over and over again......
are you happy? because know one can tell any difference from one country or adventure to the next! nothing changed! but knowing that your fine is all that matters ,I guess......

I'd love to dance with you in your next video. You coming to Perth?

Hey man, the music rocks! Is it an original score?

Cheers man.

Hi Matt, I loved your vids.. each time I feel good after seeing your vids. Pretty sad when you had missed my country (Singapore).. Anyway if you intend to come to Singapore, I would be glad to show you around for your filming. * Could I dance with you if you do come? haha*
I had included your journal into my blog, to remind me of your great expedition

WONDERFUL! It was very worth the wait, I tell everyone I meet about your site. It always puts a smile on my face :) THANKS!

Hey Matt, I am very fun of you!!!! came to the south of spain and I will show you a lot of beautifull places to dance, like beaches, caves, montains and turistics places.
you will enjoy it a lot! and me to!
waiting for your visit

Hey i'm the guy who made the shitty response to your video which didn't go down too well with your fans :P, but still, your videos are absolutely amazing and if you want to visit newcastle upon tyne then you'd be more than welcome. You can dance and get eggs chucked off you and more. Fun eh? Keep up the good work, maybe i'll see you in newcastle some time hah.
Good luck,

Nice one wish I was doing this....

Come to Switzerland and dance on the Matterhorn! I actually live wayyy down south in Switzerland, but the Mattahorn would be cool!

Hey Stefan i had the same idea :) I am not from Switzerland but i was some years ago on the Klein Matterhorn i think this would be a great place to dance.

Hi Matt!! WOW! It is just -WOW! Your film made me and my friend smile on our faces! Take your ass and come to us -POLAND! We will show you aroud (Tatra Mounatain, Kraków...) and dance of course!We also love traveling ;).Take care!

What a fantastic trip... But how many shoes did you use???
So it was a very good and pleasant idea. You're so lucky to do all these travels.
Thanks a lot for all your pictures..
And perhaps you'll comme in my town one day in the french Jura near Genova..

Hi Matt! WOW! It is justWOW! Your film made me and my friends smile on our faces! It's wery optymistic. Take your ass and come to POLAND:)! We will show you aroud (Tatra Mountain, Kraków....) and dance with you of course:). Take care

Lovely to see new stuff about your trips!!

WooHoo! Awesome!

after seeing you're vids I bought a pack of stride, its a cool flip-down container, and the flavors last like and hour more than the leading brand :)

all I chew now is stride

LOVE IT, especially the kids ... thanks, Matt

Ok so I just spent a few hours watching your videos and lecture.... I'm beyond jealous, which you have heard before, but I can't not say it. I'm sure you are counting your blessings because you have a lot of them. Take care on your next trip! Maybe we will see you....

I really enjoyed the video, man. Especially loved the ending, as cruel as that may sound. But hey, I didn't make it. lol
Anyway, I really hope you swing by Louisiana, dude. That'd be sweet.

all i have to say is that this has been a great inspiration too me, i have had the same desire to travel the world,.and that there is soo much more out there, then where u live. thank you for the entertainment and inspiration.

I read about you in "Viagem e Turismo" a Brazilian Magazine and whatching you dancing in all those marvelous places is just incredible. Inprove in your steps to dance with the Samba Girls and at the Cristo Redentor Statue. You have talent. Very well done the videos and the background song is great. Congratulations

I LOVED it!!!! It made me giggle (which is what I really needed...thanks)!

You must be one of the luckiest people in the world! You've gone to so many of the places that I'd love to see. Did you actually get to see the mountain gorillas in Africa?
Can't wait to see the new video and all the places you go.
Be careful and have fun!!

that video made me laugh so much :)

Good choices in editing. I think the final version has the right feel. Its funny though to see the outtakes. I like how it took a while to get the children in Rwanda to get the final shot right. They were too interested in the camera itself.

I really like this concept for a video because it is a good example of how big the world really is and how many people are in it. I really don't like the saying "Its a small world". Its not a small world, people just don't get around much.

Hi Matt
Portugal is missing in your video.

Hi Matt
Portugal is missing in your video.
Come and dance in Portugal.

Matt, Wot a joy! No one could fail to smile at your dancing style. Why didn't I think of it, I'd love someone to pay me for doing a silly dance in the most extraordinary locations around the world. Doh. Have fun and if in Nice, France, I'll do a jig with you. Maria

Hi, your video is wonderful and really touching! Italy is missing! if you decide to come in Naples tell me!

good show matey

very nice,i love yur vids,what´s the name of this song?


I'm from Portugal too.


You're in my best of the internet selection. Whenever I need something to cheer me up I just watch your videos. ;)

You're almost as bad as I am when it concerns dancing...

Hi Matt!!
Continue your travel across the world you make so many people believe about their dream!


Hi Matt!!
Thank you so much for the big smile your videos put on my face!! It's a bit of happiness that you are sharing with us all. Thank to Stride gum as well to help you and make us all smile at the same time!
You should come and dance in Montreal next time, i'll hold your camera!!
Thanks again! :)

Happy to be the 2500th person to rate your vid. Always a pleasure and inspiration to watch your movies. Cheers!

Please!! Come to Barcelona :-)

Hello Matt!
Amazing your video!!!Really enjoyed it!
A challenge:I wanna see you dancing 'samba' in Brazil,ok?! ;)
I'll be waiting...

This is a great job. The places you get to dance at, the people that you get to meet, SWEET
I look forward to seeing you on Dancing With The Stars!!
Be Safe and Get Jiggy Wit It

wow... it is wonderful, so so wonderful. i believe that Matt go in lithuania soon ;)

Nice vids! I'm sure the kids in Rwanda loved that and would like it again. Try to give some other poor African kids a smile.
See if you can get to Canada some time. Good work!

se vieni a ballare su ROMA sarei felice di ospitarti....infondi grande allegria grande gioia grande serenità e tanto sorriso a chi guarda i tuoi video.....
il genio in fondo cosè, è follia è intuizione è velocità d'azione...
buona vita amico mio è continua a ballare in eterno..

I always cry with a smile when I watch your videos - it might be just the music that does it to me, but the video just makes me think of the many ways this earth can be connected in happiness and that makes it so emotional to watch. Thanks!

if you ever need a place to stay, in the Netherlands or Germany let me know!!

Hey Matt, why not come to Canada! It's not so bad here. And you can show us how to dance!

No stride up here, though.

I love it. Why not come to México? You have place to stay here ;-)

come to fresno or something that will be the best thing to happen here in a long time at bullard high school

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