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March 13, 2007

Seattle, Washington
Here We Go Again

My panel of spirit guides and soothsayers has given me the all clear, so here it is: the Dancing Outtakes video.

I've been sitting on this for a long time. Months and months. It has given me back problems and ruined my posture.

The reason for holding off was so I could time it with the announcement that I'm leaving on another round-the-world trip to make a new dancing video. Normally this would not be information worth making a big deal about and I wouldn't bother you until it was actually done, but this next video has some special circumstances...

My favorite part of the last video was dancing with the kids in Rwanda, and I think it's an idea worth expanding on. I'm putting together a trip that'll take me through a lot of major population areas all over the planet, and I want to take advantage of all the folks who've contacted me by inviting them to meet up and dance badly WITH me.

I've got a form that folks can fill out. It'll hopefully provide me with the names, email addresses, and locations of people who are interested in being a part of the video. I'm not going to announce the dates and locations where I'll be dancing on this site, but I will contact people who fill out the form and live in an area close to where I'll be visiting.

Stride is giving me a long time to make this new video, so the release is more than a year off. I've got a lot of work and a lot of traveling to do between now and then.

So that's pretty much it. I plan to start blogging more soon as I'll be on the road again within a few weeks. I've also been able to get some help with the site and plan to have it totally redesigned and much much fancier by the end of the month.

Stay tuned.


Thanks matt for sharing more of your trip with all of us. Good to hear your getting back out again, congrats on another free trip.

Fantastically done!

You are an inspiration to me. My personal goal is 7 continents within the next two years. I four left.

Why did you leave your job in Sydney?

Good luck on your future trip.

May the wind be and your back and the sun upon your face.

Very nice video. The image from Dead Vlei, Namibia was wonderful. Getting closer would have meant losing the whole tree and the expanse of mountains and sky. I think you got it right, just as it was.

Suzi and I just laughed ourselves silly! Great video - love the very very end - sick but funny- liked the song choice too! Great work and congrats to you!

Come dance with me, your beloved web designer! Me and my big pregnant belly!

Wait. You have a new web designer. I take it back!

Come to ESTONIA!!! Please :)

The three videos are great! I love watching them! I really like the way you did the last one.
Now you must come to BRAZIL!
See you!

If possible, come dance in Brazil in next video! =)

I really laughed out loud with these! (ok, the man-boobs part!) Glad I stayed to the end to see the little kid fall over! You are brilliant and seem like lots of fun.

That video was amazing and the song was sensational! =D

... So how long is this specific trip because I'm going to be studying in Spain in the upcoming January and I would be completely for dancing with you in Spain, if you're there. If not then, go to Omaha, NE... we're pretty cool here. Omaha Steaks, College World Series, the zoo... either way, I wanna dance with you! It'd be amazing! ... though I realize the trip will probably be completed by then...

Good luck on your trip and I hope you have an amazing time! :)

... and your niece took quite the spill. =X

I like the tune you put with it...really i just had my firefox window open while i did stuff today to the tune. Good to hear you're taking another trip and trying to find us people that...watch you dance online....sorry it just sounds funny saying that.

Ill be taking a trip across America on a bike this summer for charity..you should meet me somewhere on the highway and brighten my day with a dance if you can.

Great stuff, keep on going Matt...live the dream.

i'm really excited about this whole interactive video. and also amazingly jealous that you've made a career of traveling.
But anyway, put up that link to the form, because you my friend, need to visit Uruguay. (Not that i live in Uruguay, but i doubt you'd visit Sacramento and i'll be in Uruguay this summer!)
Congratulations about this third trip around the world. i hope you get to stay at least a week in each place.

Oh and i know that you have a video in Buenos Aires and that's really close to Montevideo but most people don't know that so it will still seem new and exciting! plus you can dance in front of the hand made out of sand. if you want, i'll send you a picture.

Real happy for you Matt. Congratulations on your next endeavour. You make the world happy and bring out the best in people. Enjoy your travels and I'm looking forward to reading a "live book" for the next 12 months. The video is great and the music "happy." PS - watch were you dance, don't want to see you back in jail again.

Whew, a sigh of relief. Well worth the wait. Can't wait to see if our paths cross this year. I'll be traveling around as well, maybe it'll work itself out. Can't wait to get out of L.A. Of course assuming you hit Canada this year, that should be an epic moment.

It's great that you'll be going on an another trip, I hope you'll have a good time. Travelling around the world has always been my dream and you, my friend, keep that dream alive.

I recommend you'll come to visit Finland this time, especially Lapland, it's really amazing place. I also hope you'll go to China, they have interesting culture there.

Wonderful mate!

The video is nice, it's clearly not the same kind of video as the two other ones, but was great fun to watch nonetheless.

I will once more have something to laugh at nearly everyday while reading your blog when you're leaving.

Keep going :-)

Loved it! very funny commentaries and very nice happy song!
Hope to see you dancing here in Rio de Janeiro on your next trip.

Keep on showing us happy faces all around the world!

I was thinking; there are probably a lot of people who'd love to dance with you but have nothing to offer in terms of location. You should organise a touring where-the-hell-is-matt-con! People could all get together to dance badly.

I'm waiting for you in Paris !

New video is GREAT!

hy i'm french,i saw you're video ,and what a beautifull video....
it make me dreams about travel,so i decide to travel,but the question is with who,and where and when?
so tell me what is the most beautifull place you ever seen,during your's,please...thank you so much and whouuuuuaaaaaou bravo bravo
if you want to answer you had my mail thankkkk's^^
in french more easy maybe...
j'ai trouvée ta video superbe,elle m'a donnée des ailes,elle m'a donné envie de m'envoler...
alors merci d'avoir permis a une petite parisienne qui se contente de voir la tour eiffel tout les jours, de decouvrir d'autre paysage....
et un grand bravo...
if you want me to do the dance for you i'm at 5 min of the tower eiffel^^

WOW! Congratulations on another trip round the ball!

Come to Puuth, and BOoGiE-DoWn!

we are waiting for you in France ^^

Nice work. Thanks for making the world a more enjoyable place to be.

I LOVED IT!! Next video has to have a spot SOMEWHERE in Canada, I'll dance with you!!! (Calgary, Alberta)

Cool to hear you're setting off for another one! How about a quick stop in Wales? Lots of sheep to dance with if anything...

Nice video, i liked the last second the most! :D

Anyway, good luck and have fun on your new trip, i'm jealous on you!

Oh and dont change the layout of the site to much, i like it as it is now. Easy and simple.

Would love to dance with you next to the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City!

Thanks for posting the outtakes, you made my day. :)

Matt..u must come to San Francisco (China town / Japan town) !!.. I must dance with you! ^__^

Great video!
How about DC or Delaware? (Yes, people actually live in Delaware). Perhaps you should have a list of places you'll be going so locals can meet up with you?

Good luck!

hey man like the video...come to scotland! Some pretty cool stuff up here..cya and good luck!

Putting in another vote for San Francisco. Dancing with you would be something that would tickle my boys (4yrs and 2yrs)

Very nice video. I'm a big fan and I'm glad you didn't take that 1,000 foot spill when dancing on that rock. I don't remember if you've been to Washington, D.C., but you should do one in the area.

hi matt please come to mexico
Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México.
please come :) just come to mexico
people will like to dance with you =)
really XD

:)i want to travel all the places that you've been =)

I filled out your form, but it didn't go through the first time (I didn't add a comment) and when it did go through the second time it put my email address down where the city was supposed to be. If you can't fix this, I hope it doesn't screw up others' chances of getting in your video. It sounds like a wonderful project.

We're waiting u in France it could be realy great came on Paris Lyon (or more closer for me Saint etienne :p)
and dance with us

But another idea could be to ask everyone all around the world to take a film dancing alone or with other people like u in a place that they love.

(Sorry for my bad English, but I hope u understand ^^)

Good job that's with shoot like that we realized that all human are brothers.

You can dance in the Highest Point in the world, the CN Tower (Skypod).

Canada has so many great places to dance man, you gotta hit us up this time!

Just want to let you know, I like all your videos, they are very cool to watch all with great music and beautiful places, I'm envious, but I am heading out for my own round the world trip in September. Thanks for the inspiration and the cool videos.

just a suggestion, why not hit up the Nazca Lines in Peru.

I just sent you a message and I had a bunce of mispellings in it. I'm from atlantic city and I'm 21. Come down and dance in A.C, after all the Monopoly board is created after Atlantic city.


Getting back in step, huh? Don't worry about your back or posture, danging for a couple of weeks should take care of that. What you should worry about is your hair. Because if we ever get within arm's reach, you're *so* getting a noogie for all those silly comments!

You are an inspiration. I hope to cross paths with you some time.

YAY more videos coming!! I can't tell you how happy I am. I will never tire of seeing you dance around the world. Godspeed! :)

Don't forget to go to Canada. I'm sure those crazy Canucks would attack you with a hockey stick if you forgot to go there this time around, eh.

I would love to see you go to Brasil... it'very beautiful... and the culture is amazing. I would think a great spot for the dance would be in front of the Christ Statue... will meet u there if you go... Big fan...

hey i like what you are doing,
keep it up!
it really made my day
thank you =)

WOW! First, it must feel amazing to be able to go ALL around the world! Second, I agree with Mathew...what about us Canadians? We have beautiful landscapes, and busy skylines too! Ottawa and Toronto in Ontario, Victoria in British Columbia, and the coast (Newfoundland, Nova Scotia...) ALL have great aspects! And I won't hit you with a hockey stick...but others might :P

I love the Rwandan kids part the best too, I just watched it because I have to have a second CT scan from something they found months ago, and it makes me so happy to see your videos, because you remind me of a friend, because you travel and because the music is such a happy world peace kind of sound.


I'd dance with you here where I'm from in Ocean Beach in San Diego, California (at La Jolla Cove, or anywhere)

I'm also from Canada and would dance with you in the Rocky Mountains in Banff near Calgary!

You are an inspiration to soooooo many people!

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