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February 27, 2007

Seattle, Washington
Dancing With Naked Women

Relax. It's not what it sounds like.

The Barenaked Ladies invited me to "perform" in their new video along with a selection of other web-based anomalies of similar notoriety. The video went up a few weeks ago and I forgot to post about it, so here ya go.

Also, I've gotten a number of Xbox Live buddies from posting my screen name and it's improved my experience quite a bit. I'm gonna go ahead and add my Wii number as well:

3714 0978 1303 2555

Go on and enter me in, then send me your number so I can do the same. It's an inexplicably tedious and complicated process, but it means I can exchange Miis with random strangers, so it's worth the trouble.

...and if you don't know what I'm talking about......nevermind.

We're still on track to put the Outtakes Video up on March 8th with a bit of news to announce as well. Stay tuned.


Cool! They must have liked you since they put you last on the video.

Looking forward to the outtakes video. My kids (8, 11, and 14) love to watch you dance!

cool video! =) i'm glad your presence is still felt cause your existence alone has made millions of strangers smile and your dancing style's wonderful and unmistakable. keep it up matt, and so glad you keep up the blog for us to check on.


How cool is that?... they even managed to save the best internet dancing phenom till last.. can't wait for the new video.... good luck to ya!

It's amazing how happy even 10 seconds of your dancing makes me...

I was already in a good mood...then someone who rocks hooked me up with Dancing Man. My life, while not complete, certainly appreciates this addition! Thank you -- for everything.
(...and you are right, Totem Lake does suck...always has, always will.)

When I get home (around 11 of march) I'll add you in my wii, but I don't know my number yet.

Really nice video and music! (really really nice), I'll search for the cd (I don'by online music, I donwload them! whoawhoa!!!)

I just saw your traveling/dancing video for the first time today. Very cool/inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Hola, soy Mia, quería felicitarte por el video de tus viajes, una pasada, me ha encantado, algún día haré el mio.

Un saludo desde España.

Hey Matt!
Great job in the BNL vid - very cool. We are going to my sister's wedding this weekend and FILMING. CAN'T WAIT to show you the final version!!!

Best Wishes - Jenni/Photomama & Family

Mii Code: 0206 6644 7817 0662
Name: lynchtp

Thanks Matt,
Your videos have been great, and you college lecture was fantastic.

Look me up if you hit Ireland (again?)

Absolutely fabulous!

Hi Matt - great videos.

My Wii number is 3221 5194 2245 1436.


Nice, it must have been fun because you looked like you were in Angor Wat.. :)

Hey, where is the info for the webjunk.tv stuff?

I thought the show was on and I missed it or something, but it's April 6th. Of course March 8th is a much more important date, but I still want to vote for you....

Matt, It makes me happy to see you dancing through the world and letting random interesting people into your life. Maybe I'll run into you in Iowa or Uzbeckistan! cvb

Good to see you're not neglecting the Wii community as well=) I added you but you need to add me so I can send you messages too.

My Wii number is: 1718 1234 3138 2574

Hope to see you on my Wii matt=)

Saw you in BNL video, and found all this. AMAZING! I want to travel more than ever now. Thanks for inspiring me and so many others. Who knew a simple dance and inventive travel could touch so many! I'm a fan and thank you. Terrific Lecture series too, hope you do more!

I added you but you have to add me too.
2197 4043 6840 8437

Hey, I just figured out how to do the damned Wii thing, though I don't know what else you can really do with it but share Miis. Anyway, here's my Wii number.
1264 3655 0526 0081

My name is timmy.
My wii is: 3224 3797 3636 8820
Do you bring your wii w/you everywhere?

Oh man. Had I known you would have been at the BNL show in Everett, I would have gone just for that! I live very close by. Aww, PooBuckets. That coulda been fun.

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